Inspiration in everyday objects

Posted on January 26, 2011

Onion skin

Onion Skin
©2010 Caroline S Roberts

As many of you know, I have an ongoing theme of transparency and shadows. I also have a tendency to amuse my family (or drive them crazy) by taking photographs of the strangest things. Photographs, for me, are a form of sketching. They allow me to study light more intensely than I can with a pencil & paper sketch. In theory they are faster too, but that doesn’t stop me from extending a walk in the woods by a few hours by stopping every few yards!

Last night I was making chicken soup for my sickly, coughing children, and I became fascinated by the onion skin. Yep, the skin. There was a layer, of this pretty white onion, that was not papery but not thick and edible either. Its transparency fascinated me and has led to a series of photographs. The better ones today as the skin has dried and crumpled overnight.

I don’t yet know what these will turn into, but I am loving the reflections, particularly on the one above. I want to bring out more of the translucency in the one below and explore some more unusual compositions.

Onion Skin

Translucent Onion Skin
©2010 Caroline S Roberts

Who knew soup could be so inspiring?

What everyday objects have been inspiring or fascinating you recently? Share some in the comments so we can all see our surroundings in a new and unusual way!

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